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Welcome to Glosens

We are a fair travel platform that partners with local residents to provide genuine travel experiences.

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Kakao, Line, Wechat : bizsense(Eng,日本語,한국어)
日本携帯SMS : +81-70-4106-0041 / 한국휴대전화 문자용: +82-10-4617-6110
E-mail. glosens.cebu@gmail.com

Cebu/Maktan short- and long-term rental house with exclusive pools, breakfasts and tour guides

Massage Home & Shop
Home service : Therapist visits the customer's home directly. ➤ Order Home service

Shop service : Customers visit the therapist's shop, home or Glosens hub shop cafe. ➤ Search massage Shop

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Trip Guide is a local guide who helps with travel, entertainment, and living.
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